About WAYF

WAYF (We Are Your Frens) is a network of creative operators passionate about building the future of technology via Web3. WAYF prides itself on connecting localized cultural awareness to global mass scale adoption. Our network (FrenWorkᵍᵐ) advantage stems from an emphasis on a diverse approach that is inclusive of all walks of life (race, religion, culture, orientation, geographical regions, etc.). We strongly believe the more broadly we can fill resources on the spectrum, the more narrow and accurate we can provide our dedicated services.

We Are NOT Your Managers, Agents, or Consultants.

We Are Your Frens.

Marketing / Comms

WAYF consists of expert storytellers who help bring your curated vision to a universal narrative, driven by proven strategies in both traditional and digital media, and a performance focus on qualitative growth and retention.

Product / Development

Through our partners via FrenWork, we have experienced Web2 and Web3 product managers, software engineers, UX/UI designers, and front/back-end developers who build on Ethereum, Solana, and Layer 2 solutions. 

Partnerships / Biz Dev

Our frens are your frens. We have strategic partnerships across relevant industries and platforms that can help concentrate then amplify your brand, product(s), messaging and audience. Collaboration is our best fren.

Tech Ops / Pro Services

Business is generally two parts: Creative and Operative. You have a concept, the art work, and the marketing down, but need an Operations team? No problem. WAYF has skilled Project Managers who can build out your workforce.

Live + Experiential

URL to IRL. Our team has 20+ years of producing, promoting and curating live events. WAYF is at the forefront of scaling innovative practices to convert your digital representation to a physical footprint.

EDC Las Vegas 2022 NFT Art Gallery

Curated by Insomniac and WAYF

We Are Your Frens


Frens + Family = Community. Community members represent identity, cause, and mission. At the individual level, we have Drivers, Accelerators, Contributors, and the Informed. At the community level, we have Development, Acknowledgement, Collaboration and Integration. WAYF believes decentralization by way of blockchain and its public ledger will provide honesty and transparency in the way we interact and transact with each other. Walled gardens and gatekeepers are now shared resources and multi factions.


We are early. We believe NFTs are a gateway into the broader Web3 and metaverse application. So we embrace this privileged opportunity and respect the responsibility of co-creating a solid foundation for the future of this digital industrial revolution together. We implore all builders, creators, collectors and operators to join this movement, as we co-found this new destination for the next generations.

Danny Lee

Marketing, Culture


Financial Tech

Marketing Strategy

Wendy Huang

Creator, Entrepreneur



Tech Founder

Shira Lazar

Host, Entrepreneur



Media Host

Sam Salisbury

Experiential, Impact



Impact & Wellness

Kenneth Loo

PR, Communications




Brandon Sun

Commerce, Product Design

Creative Direction

Design and Merchandising

Business Development

Jonathan Hui

Ops, Project Management

Trading Cards

Technical Operations

Denny Choi

Tech, Partnerships



Tech Partnerships